Canada Emergency Response Benefit


As the new emergency benefit has come into effect as of April 6th, our IAM Canadian office has put a brief powerpoint clarifying the difference between regular EI processes and new processes under the CERB program. It’s important to note that during the pandemic, regular EI rules are suspended, and emergency rules under CERB are in place. Please click below for more information.

Canada EMERGENCY Response Benefit

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We’re here to help our members!


There have been a lot of questions and concerns during this difficult time regarding financial assistance and EI benefits. Please click on the link below and speak with Allison Skinner, who is dedicated and available to assist all of our IAM LL 2113 members.


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Keeping Workers Safe

With the ever increasing number of cases of Covid-19 here in Ontario and the very strict requests being made by all levels of government to stay home unless you provide an essential service, it is increasingly difficult to follow the ever changing recommendations of the Officers of Health. Please see the links below and take the time to e-mail your elected Representatives and express your thoughts and feelings in regards to this, as well as getting a better idea of what is considered a essential and non-essential business.

Find your MP here:

Ontario MPP’s:

Essential Businesses:

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Employment Insurance and what you need to know


EI Package March 2020

Dear brothers and sisters, here is something that will help you out in regards to applying for Employment Insurance. I know that a lot of you may have forgotten how to apply, and some of you may have never applied in the past. Either way, this will help you all out in case you have any questions or concerns. Please click on the blue link for all the info you need.

Given the confusion over the application process, and members selecting the option “natural disaster” and “group termination”, when applying, please do not select the “natural disaster” nor “group termination” option as you’ll be asked for a 16 digit code, which is not being provided.

Members will only need to use A00 (A zero zero). A few members have done it this way and have not had issues applying.

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Covid-19 and what you need to know

COVID-19 and Healthcare – FAQ for IAM Members

Brothers and sisters, we are officially up and running again! We are facing difficult times and the road ahead of us is looking to be bumpy. The whole world is facing a new enemy that is known as Covid-19, and it’s up to us now to stay safe and conduct ourselves in a way that will prevent the spread of this virus. I’m happy to say that our website will be constantly updated with information and news as it’s received, so that we may keep all of our brothers and sisters up to date with what is going on and how best to keep you and your families safe during this crisis. God bless, and stay safe.

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