We must vote! and here’s why

Our Provincial election is coming up in June of this year and it’s important that we all go out there to the polls and do our part. This is about our future, our jobs and our families. By electing the proper representatives, we can have a say in what matters most to us and live the kind of lives that we deserve. Here, former US president Barrack Obama speaks about why voting matters.

National Day Of Mourning


Violence and harassment: Not part of the job

Violence and harassment are a daily reality for far too many workers in Canada. Both are preventable, and neither should ever be seen as “just part of the job.” That’s why this Day of Mourning, Canada’s unions are asking our government to do more to prevent and stop workplace violence and harassment. Continue reading

Local Lodge 2113 is alive and well.. online!!!

Dear members,

Bobby here! As some of you may or may not know, we have a website. Yes, it’s been a while since anything new has been posted here, but I’m here at DL 78 on April 27th, 2018 taking the website training course that is being taught by Frank Saptel, with the purpose of learning how to maintain and update our website and keep you, the members, up to date with everything going on in the plant, outside the plant, and stories that matter to you and your family. Along with me are brothers Terry Rennette LL 2922 North Bay ON, Rick Moriarty LL 103 Cambridge ON, and Eric Johnston LL 1975 St. Thomas ON. Continue reading